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The first meeting of Libyan partners of PAgES project

Written by 10 Sep,2019

A meeting of PAgES project has been held in the university of Al Zawia on Tuesday 3/Sep/2019 with the participation of all the Libyan partners (university of Tripoli , university of Al Zawia, university of Sirte, university of Misurata).

It’s considering the first meeting involving all the Libyan partners focusing mainly on the preparation for the second meeting of PAgES project which will be held in Tunisia on the forthcoming month in October 2019.

During the meeting , the partners has discussed many important issues related to the project so far , most importantly on the preparation of the curriculum and syllabus of the project which is carried out by the university of Al Zawia under the work package 2 (Design of the master program). In addition, the partners shed light on the management of the project, that is solving all the administrative aspects linked to the project management and highlighting the importance of collaborating among partners in this domain .

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